12 April 2007
  Clutchiness is Dead; Long Live Clutchiness!
As you may recall, I started this Clutchiness project because "it deserves to be tracked ... It had to be tracked. I had to track it." It turns out a lot of people have taken to the stat, and win-probability stats in general, thanks in no small part to the work of Tangotiger and Dave Studeman.

And so it is with a bit of satisfaction that I am closing this iteration of Clutchiness tracking, as that task has been taken up in full force by the incredible FanGraphs. In fact, with their resources, FanGraphs is able to implement a recent development that I simply wouldn't be able to anyway: in short, rather than attempting to neutralize "leverage opportunity" using a player's season-long LI, the stat now neutralizes each individual plate appearance. Tango gives a great example of the difference this makes, and a more in-depth discussion of the change here.

I have to give all the credit and thanks possible to Tango, for the inspiration and his help, to Studes, for pointing people this way, and to David Appelman for his work making FanGraphs one of the most invaluable resources there is for baseball research.
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Clutch hitting may or may not exist. Clutchiness most certainly does. By comparing a player's value in terms of win probability to his projected value based on OBP and SLG, we see how much he has over- or under-performed expectations due to performance in higher leverage situations. If clutch exists, it might just look like this.

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