05 August 2006
  Clutchiness Updated, Note
First of all, the clutchiness numbers have been updated through August 3rd.

I've been working with a feature of Excel that may open the door to daily updates (yet to be decided). I tried to use this update to teach myself how to work it, and it's definitely promising, but between that novice state and my limited time due to moving, I wasn't able to include pitcher's batting stats. So while their WPA numbers are updated, their rate stats are not, and thus their clutchiness numbers are incorrect. Hopefully that specific aspect is not your sole interest.

Remember: next update will be Monday.
Some players names are cut off after the first name. It's generally not hard to figure out who's who. But why not show last name first, then first name (space permitting)?

Also, it seems to me clutchiness needs to be normalized. How about dividing Clutchiness by PA, then multiplying by 500 to simulate a full season?
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Clutch hitting may or may not exist. Clutchiness most certainly does. By comparing a player's value in terms of win probability to his projected value based on OBP and SLG, we see how much he has over- or under-performed expectations due to performance in higher leverage situations. If clutch exists, it might just look like this.

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