03 August 2006
  Update on updates
First of all, there will be a full update posted later tonight.

As for the site, I'm in the process of moving, so after tonight, the next update will be Monday, August 7th. Starting then, I will be updating the numbers every Monday and Friday. It has become harder and harder to find three hours throughout the day to work on updates, and obviously once the next day's games are played, any partial work is rendered useless. So I figure that by setting designated updates, I'll be better able to plan my schedule, and you won't be left wondering when the next update will come. Hopefully this should work out for everyone.

Update: *sigh* I'm really sorry, but there's more packing than I had anticipated, so I'm going to have to postpone the update to tomorrow evening. Though if you read the comments to this post, you'll see there may be a flicker of hope for the return of daily updates soon. As for tonight, I apologize.
Dan, I noticed that you said that your data inputs are by hand. Did you know that you can set up an auto import of web tables into an Excel spreadsheet? You can find it under Data -> Import External Data. Once you get it set up correctly, the data will update and parse automatically with just one click of a button. I'd be lost without it, personally.

Email me if you'd like more info.
It would be cool if you had a page with the top 10 clutchiest and unclutchiest hitters.
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Clutch hitting may or may not exist. Clutchiness most certainly does. By comparing a player's value in terms of win probability to his projected value based on OBP and SLG, we see how much he has over- or under-performed expectations due to performance in higher leverage situations. If clutch exists, it might just look like this.

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