15 September 2006
  Leaderboard Updated
The leaderboard has been updated, and once again finds the Pujols/Jenkins duo at the top.

After a brief drop below +2 clutchy wins, Pujols re-established himself as the year's clutchiest hitter. More importantly, he now sits just 0.15 points of WPA short of David Ortiz' 2005 mark of +8.48. Barring injury, Pujols will move into the third spot for seasonal WPA since 2002 (the Fangraphs era, if you will), with only Barry Bonds' 2004 (12.68) and 2002 (9.83) seasons in front of him.
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Clutch hitting may or may not exist. Clutchiness most certainly does. By comparing a player's value in terms of win probability to his projected value based on OBP and SLG, we see how much he has over- or under-performed expectations due to performance in higher leverage situations. If clutch exists, it might just look like this.

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